Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, most of my work is custom work. Price depends on what I'm doing for you
and how involved the painting is. Here are a few ball park figures.

10" Saw Blade with 1 animal = $35 + $7.00 shipping. $5 for each additional animal
Hand saw with up to 4 animals = $65 + $10 shipping. $5 for each additional animal
7" x 9" Slate with 1 animal = $35 + $5.80 shipping. $5 for each additional animal
9" x 12" Slate with 1 animal = $50 + $10 shipping. $5 for each additional animal
9" x 18" Slate with 1 animal = $65 + $16 shipping. $5 for each additional animal
Custom Christmas Ornament with 1 animal $18.99 + $3.00 for first class shipping

*Lettering is free on all paintings if requested. (as long as it isn't an overabundance
of lettering, like a verse)
Q: Can I get a discount if I order several paintings?

A: Each hand painted piece of artwork is a timely project with material costs. These are
things that don't change on my end when a large order comes in. To give a discount
would mean a cut in my income.
HOWEVER, If you are ordering the same painting with a black background over and
over (example, show awards) I do offer discounts that are listed on the show award
pages or if you are a frequent buyer, now and then I may show my appreciation with a
discount or free shipping :)
Q: Will my Artwork arrive on time?

A: If you have a show or special occassion, ordering early is your
best bet. I like to get things in the mail at least week ahead of
time and I send everthing USPS 2~3 day priority.  I will have
tracking for your package and I will supply you with tracking
numbers. Please keep in mind that once I ship your package,
USPS travel time is out of my hands. All we can do is check
tracking and cross our fingers and toes until your package
A: Yes.  Your payment confirms your order and allows me to
you with a reciept. If paying by check or money order a reciept
may be requested directly from me.

*Note: I do understand that sometimes it's hard to order ahead
and pay in full for show awards because money has to be
collected first. I'm extreemly flexable and will work with you.
This goes for personal custom orders too. Payments are an

that can put a fly in the ointment
of need-it-now rush orders:

Power Outages
Computer Problems
Animal Drama
(7 Horses, 3 Goats, 3 cats, 2 dogs)
Problems with Clear Coat
Unexpected Company
Family Emergencies
Hay Season
*Extreme Impatience
A sure killer of creative mojo
"Take your time/no hurry"
followed by a daily "is it done yet"?
makes what I love to do, feel
pressured and more like work.
(However, it IS okay to check in if
two weeks have gone by)