"Amish Above the Law"
didn't think that the Amish, with their quiet demeanor and religious reputation, would
have any bad apples in their bunch. We were wrong. Very wrong. This is a story
about the anguish we endured at the hands of the communities controlling Bishop
and his Son-in-Law, who sold us the farm. This isn't a scripted Hollywood reality
show. This is a true story that needs to be told. To expose. To open eyes. To
inspire courage, hope and happily ever after's.
That knock at the door changed everything. Although we grew tired and
weary, we never gave up. After all, you'll never know if a new life and a bright
story, karma came in all forms, good and bad. For both English and Amish.
The neighborhood isn't the same anymore. It's better. It's happier. It's Home.

"Incredible story, written with emotion and great thoughtfulness."

"This was a great book, beautifully written. I couldn't put it down. I
shows that even among the Amish, there are some bad apples. This
couple went through a lot to find their "happily ever after "

WE ALL LOVE THIS BOOK......................"

"This was a very interesting and enlightening book. I had no idea how
devious the Amish Bishops could be. It was sad to find out that the rest
of the Amish community has to deal with someone like him and having
their reputation put on the line because of 1 or 2 people. The author
did a great job of writing this book. I highly recommend reading this
story especially if you are like me and have the Amish moving in next
door to you. I will keep my guard up now, but will also keep an open
mind regarding the whole community."

"The journey this couple has gone on is amazing and to read their
determination to own this farm is truly inspiring"

"I read both books in 3 days. The story will keep you intrigued the
whole time. The struggle this couple went through to buy their dream
home was horrendous. I highly recommend reading these books."

"Could not put this book down, was very well written Lori. I followed you
most of your ordeal before I read your book. Life lessons make us
stronger and you and Dan certainly learned several, too bad it was a
such a trying time in your lives. I don't like the legal advise you were
given because I feel there is NO person or business that is "Could not
put this book down, was very well written Lori. I followed you
untouchable and they have licenses and regulations, they all must
answer to someone! Turn the Real Eastate company in or file a
complaint against their license, they were the ones that allowed the
Amish Bishop to get away with all of this right along with the son-in-law!"
Above the Law 1 & 2 from Amazon!
There are 22 RAVE reviews,
3 other reviews are way less than 5 star.

We're pretty sure those 3 reviews were written by people
(probably friends of the 2 Amish men involved) who want to
ruin our good rating on Amazon and  thought we should just
lick our wounds and move on, so that the Amish population
in general could remain to have a squeeky clean reputation.
They blame us for tarnishing that reputation.
What we have to say to that is....
With out what they (The Amish BIshop and his son-in-Law)
did to us, there would be no book(s)

If those less than wonderful reviews were written by people
who really read the books...then their lack of humility and
compassion is sad and their reviews
don't belong here on my website.

Amazons Good Reviews....

"Loved it I'm glad you won and it's over! Now more great memories at your home can be made! I'm
proud of u !"

"I've been following this story on Facebook since shortly after its first posting. The first book was an
eye opener. I felt like I was on the journey with the author and all that she & her family have had to
endure while simply trying to purchase their dream home. Lies & deceit from people who are
supposed to live their lives in a kind and honest manner, a couple who carry themselves with grace
who continue to have hope and faith despite facing one challenge after another. This book
continues that story but takes it to a new level of realization. That karma (good or bad) will eventually
come around and that while bad things can happen to good people, doing what is right and following
your heart is what will ultimately lead to happiness...."

"I liked both of the books. Lori did a good job telling the story of one element in the Amish
community. She kept reminding us that in all good organizations, there can be a bad seed among
I was pleased at how she and her husband handled the situation and kept their heads and ultimately
won the battle.
Now that the lessons are learned and shared with the world, I hope Lori can move forward and leave
this all behind.
Lori is a good writer and should consider writing as a career."
This fence was clearly in the contract and was a selling point for us.

Bottom picture: The same area at closing.
Sheep that ran the farm/were penned in the barn at times. They
where there from before we signed the contract in May until the
closing date in October. What a mess they made.
Top Picture: The farm on the way home from signing the contract.
The heavy metal shelving bolted on each wall of this Amish store
was clearly in the contract and was a selling point for us.

Bottom picture: The same area at closing.
How the tack room was left  at closing                                                              After I cleaned it up
How the corn crib was at closing & after I cleaned it
Cleaning the mow room. 6+ inches
of chicken poop, moldy grain and
junk galore. We had to wear masks
for this area.
These pictures are
a drop in the
bucket, to see more
visit Amish Above
the Law on Face
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Photos section!
We do not believe all Amish are alike. We live as one of 3 "English" amoung 12 Amish families and now that things have changed we LOVE it here!