A big THANKS to all
who have signed my
book! Keep 'em com'n, I
read every one of them
and it makes me feel
great! I love to hear
your thoughts!
Everything here is a 100% hand painted orginial!
I can no longer take custom orders but please check
out what's here on my site for sale, lots to look at
shipped within 24 hours
Flag Counter
9" x 5" x 5" Stained and Hand Painted cow barn
with hand sculpted and hand painted cows
$45 + $6 shipping
Hand painted, these little cuties will hang on your tree
or stand up by themselves on a shelf.
Approx 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
$17 each + $3 to ship
Horses or goats in buckets, hang them on your tree or they will stand alone on a shelf.
$25 each includes shipping
If Interested in the items below, please mail me with your zip code
so that I can calculate the most reasonable shipping price for you.
Wooden Cheese Boxes, Stained and Hand  painted $45 Each
Large Hereferd Cutting Board for Decor
Not for sale
9 1/2" tall x 7' Wide X 4" Deep
This mail Holder with a
working drawer can be set
on a desk or hung on a wall
$28+ $6.80 shipping
Wooden Deer Decor cutting board
7" x 12"
$35 + $9.00 to ship
Stretched canvas Barn Star
8" x 10"
$25 + $5 to ship
Approx 6" x 7"
Fox Tree Fungas
$25 + $5 to ship